Creating a game each month for a year? I've joined 1GAM!

1GAM - creating 12 games in a row

I recently stumbled across a site called One Game a Month (also known as #1GAM or just 1GAM).

It presented a simple-sounding, and yet seemingly collossal challenge: Make a video game each month, for an entire year!

I've decided to join this challenge, with my latest MiniLD entry as my first #1GAM entry.

For the next year, I pledge to create a video game each and every month!

Why join?

I've noticed that I never release most of my game experiments and prototypes. Instead I work on them for a while, only to abandon them once a more interesting experiment turns up.

With the 1GAM concept, I'll have a reason to finish at least one prototype of some kind every month. And it will be a great excuse to experiment with some various ideas.

I've especially missed creating classical text adventures, so I imagine that I'm going to experiment with various frameworks for these in the months to come.

And of course, every four months, a new Ludum Dare entry will be added to the list...