Game: "An Unexpected Friend"

An Unexpected Friend
Published: January 31, 2017
Event: MiniLD 71, #1GAM
Theme: Retro, Modern Technology, Friendship

A text adventure about friendship, bureaucracy, and the intricacies of modern technology. Will old mr. Wilson get a new PC, and perhaps even find the secret easter egg, under your guidance?

The game was made in Commodore 64 BASIC - run the .prg file using an C64 emulator like CCS64 or VICE .

The source can be opened in CBM Prg Studio .


Type "help" in the game, in order to get a list of accepted verbs and commands.

If you get stuck, try examining everything - or retracing your steps.

If you get lost in the maze, try dropping items, in order to decipher how the rooms are connected. Once you have mapped the connections, the maze is very simple to navigate.

Downloads and links: