About Tangible Dreams

Welcome to my web site about game development!

As a hobbyist game developer, I wanted a place where I can share my experiences with game development. In addition, I am also sharing any useful code snippets and tutorials I make. This is the primary purpose of this site.

Secondly, as I regularly participate in various Game Jams, as well as tinker with small game projects, I also use this site to showcase (and keep track of) my various games. Hopefully, the quality of these games will be steadily increasing as I get more experienced!

As I am primarily a Java developer, I am using Java to develop most of my games. I often use the excellent LibGDX framework for my projects. Therefore a lot of my tutorials and posts are about my experiences with LibGDX.

I also write about other game development topics, and I have also participated in a few "retro" Game Jams, using other languages.