"Break the Cycle" - a #1GAM game

Break the Cycle - Screenshot

A short interactive fiction story made in Twine

For my June #1GAM entry, I experimented a bit with the game engine called Twine. It is a simple engine for making "interactive fiction". I used it to create a short story about a young boy, who is being picked on in school, but who is one day given a way out.

The game is browser only. Games made in Twine are presented as browser pages of text, with choices in the form of hyperlinks. The Twine engine is very efficient for making this kind of interconnected stories, although it does have some quirks as well. I'll make a post later, detailing my experiences with the engine.

On an unrelated note, this is my sixth game in the #1GAM challenge. Which means that I am now halfway through the official goal of the challenge, of making twelve games in a row!

Play the game!

Try "Break the Cycle" now!

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